• Piazza del Plebiscito
  • Borgo Marinari
  • Via Caracciolo
  • Rotonda Diaz
  • The beauties of the Gulf
  • Via Chiaia
  • Via Toledo
  • Pulcinella



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4 Hotel, Bruno Barbieri a Napoli

La prossima puntata di 4 Hotel si svolgerà a Napoli, alla ricerca dell'albergo più bello della città. Gli hotel protagonisti della quarta puntata sono La Ciliegina LifeStyle Hotel, il Boutique Hotel Relais sul mare, Santa Chiara boutique hotel e il Neapolitan Trips. 

Chef Bruno Barbieri condurrà la gara tra i proprietari di alcuni dei migliori hotel di Napoli, che si sfideranno per offrire allo Chef e agli altri albergatori un soggiorno indimenticabile, fra servizi personalizzabili e atmosfere ricercate e ed esclusive.

4 Hotel, Bruno Barbieri a Napoli

Non perdere 4 Hotel, martedì alle 21.15 su Sky Uno!

Quali saranno i servizi offerti ai turisti a Napoli..?


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Plebiscito Square is one of the most harmonious and impressive squares in Naples, representing the heart, and, in recent years, the symbol of the city. It takes its current name from the plebiscite held in October 1860, with which Naples and all of southern Italy (up until that point part of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies, under the Bourbon dynasty) ratified its annexation to Piedmonts’ Kingdom of Savoy. Until then the square was called Largo del Palazzo (square of the Palace) as it extended in front of the Royal Palace.
At the centre of the square lie the equestrian statues of Charles III of Bourbon (sculpted by Canova) and of Ferdinand I (sculpted by Calì).

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The Gambrinus is the city’s oldest liberty-style coffee shop. 
In this bar many artists have composed their poetry and song, it was also the meeting place of many of Naples’ well-known professionals.
During World War II, at the Gambrinus was born a tradition that says a lot about the spirit of the Neapolitans.
It is tradition that the clients of this bar order a suspended coffee (caffè sospeso), paying the price of two coffees but receiving and consuming only one. A poor person enquiring later whether there was a “sospeso” available would then be served a coffee for free. It’s a simple, anonymous act of generosity and charity.

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Right in the heart of the historical center of Naples, just ahead of the Church of Gesù Nuovo, through an imposing fourteenth century portal, you can access the monumental complex of Santa Chiara, which includes Church, Monastery and Convent.

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Zip up the lively Chiaia Street with its shops and bars and admire some of the most beautiful buildings of the Neapolitan aristocracy. Cherish the beauty of  Toledo Street and peek into its Spanish Quarter. 
Glide past Naples landmarks like "Spaccanapoli" Street, the Gesù Nuovo, the Monumental Complex of Santa Chiara, the San Carlo theatre and the Maschio Angioino Castle. 
Hop off along the way to snap photos of Plebiscito Square, Dell'Ovo Castle and the breathless waterfront, with the Vesuvius in the background.

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Plebiscito Square is one of the most harmonious and impressive squares in Naples, representing the heart, and, in recent years, the symbol of the city. 
It is one the biggest square of Italy and during the centuries it hosted ceremonies, military parades and local festivals.
At the four cardinal points of the square lie four important landmarks: North and south we find the Church of San Francesco di Paolo and the Royal Palace facing each other, whilst east and west are the prefecture and the military palace respectively. These four sides represent the different aspects of power: Monarchy, Church, Army and Government.  
Plebiscito Square is a landmark both for locals and tourists who often stop in the square for photographs.

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The historic centre of Naples is a sequence of squares, churches, palaces and monuments, steeped in history and culture.
In this area, there are lots of cultural and tourist attractions, so many that, often, even residents aren’t aware of all of them.
The most interesting aspect of the visit to the historic centre, is that without any particular difficulty, we can see different architectures and all the historical and social changes that have taken place during more than 2000 years of history.

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Press Conference

Directly from Comune di Napoli Web Tv, a video about this morning press conference!
Enjoy it! :)

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Naples is in one of the most fascinating cities in the world. 
Its charm begins with the myth of its origins: according to ancient Greek historians, the founding and the name of the city are connected to the legend of the beautiful Partenope, a mermaid who allowed herself to die on the coast right in front of us, after having failed to bewitch Ulysses with her song.
In over 2000 years of its history, Naples has become famous for its natural beauty, its artistic heritage full of magnificent buildings and churches, its unique culture, traditions, songs, pizza and pastries (Pastiera e Sfogliatella).

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The Villa Comunale is a place for walking, meeting and relaxing that was built by order of King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon. This vast public garden hosts a wide variety of trees, statues and fountains. Today it is a popular family spot, especially on Sundays.
It is also home to one of the oldest aquariums in the world, the Naples Aquarium, which dates back to 1870.

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The beautiful galleria Umberto I was built at the late 19th century with a Neo-Renaissance architecture. 
Its internal layout forms a cross, divided into four wings, which intersect themselves in the centre of the structure, creating a wide dome, 56 meters high. 
The Gallery has four entrances, the most important of which is located in front of the San Carlo Theatre. 
The Gallery is full of stores, community centres, offices and stalls. 
In the space below the Gallery there is an ancient theatre from the Belle Époque.

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